Our company was formed to assist companies with their technical needs while also keeping business objectives in mind.

Today, customers want increased innovation and more products that are cost-effective and standard based. Long-term, Lunar Eclipse IO, LLC. is the company best positioned to offer that choice.

Customers expect to have the freedom to choose the best solution and not be boxed in as they have been by proprietary technology and vendors unmotivated to offer innovation.

Customers want choice, they welcome choice and they want to be given reasons to exercise that choice. Today, Lunar Eclipse IO, LLC offers a compelling alternative to “more of the same” and is inviting enterprise companies of all sizes to “Exercise Choice.”

We are focused on assisting all types/sizes of business with their technology needs:

          * Technology Services
          * Technology Integration
          * Product Support
          * IT Consulting
          * Specialized Programming

 As well as business consulting needs:

   * Operations and Business Strategy
   * Program/Project Management
   * Mobile Services/Development 

   * Infrastructure /Delivery